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In-Clinic Diagnostics

Our clinic has the most innovative blood chemistry and complete blood count analyzers available in veterinary medicine.

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Laser Therapy

The quality of your pet’s life can be improved with this proven innovation.

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Heartworm Testing

Our tests take only ten minutes and you can have peace of mind before you leave our clinic.

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Surgical Suite

Rivertown Animal Hospital provides a surgical environment for your pet that is equipped with the most advanced technology available.

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Welcome to Rivertown Animal Hospital

At Rivertown Animal Hospital, our underlying philosophy is disease prevention. By providing proactive veterinary care we strive to be your trusted source of information and medical services to help you maintain and enhance your pet’s health and well-being. Preventing common disease and infection is the best gift you can give your animal companion. We believe that focusing on high quality preventive medicine is key to a long, healthy life for your dog or cat. It’s why Rivertown Animal Hospital is committed to providing individualized medical care. Our approach to each patient is based heavily on diagnostics and patient safety. That is why Rivertown Animal Hospital has invested in on-site diagnostic technologies ranging from bloodwork to radiology. Allowing us to find specific problems quickly, we can tailor therapies to produce quicker recoveries from medical conditions and make surgical and anesthetic procedures safer.

We try to do things differently here at Rivertown Animal Hospital. It is very important to us that both you and your pet have positive experiences while in our care. You know valuable and useful information about your pet’s normal activity and health, so communication is key to our approach. We know that anxious dogs and cats (and maybe pet owners, too) can only benefit from our relaxed atmosphere, a little patience and a lot of positive patient attention from our team members. Know that we will always advise what’s in your pet’s best interest, even if that means the patient requires more than we can offer in-house. We have excellent relationships with Veterinary Specialists in the area as well as local animal ICU facilities in the event that your pet would need round the clock care or emergency medical attention. Learn more

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